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    I have had this NVR system with 4 wifi cameras and have yet to be able to view any of it away from home. I have followed the ”EASY” steps but to no avail. I have downloaded the app to my android and my iPad and installed the client on my laptop, Scanned the QRC code and nothing! Very frustrating. I have my NVR connected to a switch, then to my Netgear router with it set to work with my cable modem. PLEASE explain in simple terms, how to get this to work remotely. Your instructions are very vague and I am ready to sell this thing and buy a Lorex brand like my neighbor has. He has no trouble at all.



    Hi, not sure if you were to fix it or not. I had same issue, the fix was to register NVR using UID and connect mode as P2P on app (I have android) and same with PC client. By default it is with IP/Lan.



    Dear customer,

    Sorry to make you such trouble. Please try to upgrade your NVR system first. If any problem, please feel free to contact for further assistance.

    The latest Wireless NVR firmware is v0331, please kindly download it from the website The upgrading instruction will be downloaded together with the firmware.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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