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    This is a strange issue and one i can't seem to pinpoint. Support has attempted to help to no avail so i'm posting here.

    I have the RLK8-410B4-5MP with only three cameras connected thus far. One of those cameras is the RLC-422-5mp that i purchased separate, this camera is setup at my front door. One 410 camera is setup in my garage, and one 410 camera is setup on the front corner of my house to capture the front yard and drive way. ALL cameras are Power Over Ethernet(POE).

    My issue:
    I can receive emails with attachment from my front_door and garage 100% of the time when motion is detected, i DO NOT receive emails with attachment from my front_yard camera, BUT the NVR still records on motion detection.

    Triage i have performed for problem camera (front_yard):
    * upgraded NVR firmware to latest – no emails
    * turned off attachment – SUCCESSFUL emails 100%
    * turned on push notification for problem camera – push received 100%, no emails.
    * changed provided ethernet cable with separately purchased CAT6 cable – no emails.
    * changed camera to unused camera from kit – no emails.
    * changed camera with garage camera (known working camera) – no emails.
    * changed sensitivity to HIGH – no emails
    * changed ports on NVR with known working port(garage) – no emails
    * changed channel with known working channel – no emails.
    * turned on trigger record for problem camera when front_door is triggered – email from front_door, no email from front_yard
    * note: there is no firmware upgrade for the 410-5MP cameras

    The strange thing is when i first connected my front_yard camera email worked 100% for half a day, then stopped sending emails. When i swapped the camera the first time, again 100% for half a day. The two things i have NOT done is, reset the cameras (pressing the reset button wire on the camera), or change my email server to another (currently using YAHOO) since i'm receiving emails 100% for the other two.

    I have contacted support in where they've instructed me to do several of the things i listed above, to no avail. The last email they sent said to ”just turn off attachment, camera at this location seems to have low signal”. I DO NOT like this ”solution”/answer. The other two cameras work PERFECT 100%, all with the ethernet cables provided in the kit (100ft). In their description for this kit it states the following for data transmission: 270ft via CAT5 / 330ft via CAT6.
    One reason why i swapped the one cable to CAT6.

    Another strange thing i noticed. When i was swapping the camera out the second time (for the garage camera), i climbed the ladder – no alerts, i beginning moving the camera and when i changed the angle (to point to my front neighbors) i started to receive emails??? I disconnected the camera, and installed the other camera i started receiving emails. I get the camera screwed in, begin changing position (all while receiving emails) aaaaand as soon as i get it to where i like it.. no emails!!! SERIOUS!! I have a black asphalt driveway which takes up about 75% of the screen, but i don't know why environmental elements would effect email alerts. As i stated before the camera still triggers and records fine.

    I'm at wits end here. and short of returning this system I don't know what to do. I was going to connect a hub between the NVR and router and fire up wireshark to determine what the heck it's doing, possibly packet loss, but I really shouldn't be doing EXTREME diagnosing like that.

    I have yet to connect the other two cameras (and running wire) because this has got me discouraged this system is NOT worth keeping.

    Please HELP! any suggestions and thank you in advance.



    I forgot to add that I also provided Reolink with my admin login credentials so that they can perform their diagnostics. I do NOT know the outcome of those results as they were not provided to me.



    Further DIAGS as instructed by Reolink:

    They claimed the distance to the front_yard camera was TOO FAR from the NVR, despite initially using the 100ft cable provided in the kit. As i stated i replaced the provided cable with a ~130ft CAT6 cable. SO upon their claim:

    * I moved the NVR so that it's 15ft from the actual camera and used a 15ft network cable (this now being a THIRD cable tried). The issue was still present.

    * Reolink provided me with a firmware update for the camera which i updated, issue was not resolved.

    After testing the distance theory, i moved the NVR back to it's original location.

    * Reolink instructed me to MASK some area of the camera. After masking a DECENT amount of area I started receiving emails 100% of the time for any motion.
    * I was asked to provide a screenshot of my camera, i complied.
    * I was asked to provide the image size and resolution of emailed pictures with masked area, and without masked area they are as follows:
    email attachment with MASK:
    size: 505.66kb
    resolution: 2560×1920

    email attachment WITH NO mask:
    size: 511.27kb
    resolution: 2650×1920

    After providing the last information i was told engineers would be informed. Aside from the masking, there has been no solution. The masking work around is NOT viable, since these are security cameras the masked areas could potentially block an intruders face if passing behind the masked areas.



    Hi, sorry for the inconvenience and just confirmed with the R&D, the MASK is only a temporary solution and we'll provide you with the final solution soon. Please keep in contact with our support team. Have a nice day!

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