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    I have a C2-pro connected via wifi that I'm having some issues with. I have it set to record to a Synology Surveillance Station (DS1515+). Issues as follows:
    1. It disconnects dozens of times a day, along with several reboots (but not as frequently as the disconnects)
    2. The bottom of the live feed & recording is often distorted (see attached image).

    Now here's the REALLY WEIRD part:
    1. Everything is 100% fine in the Reolink desktop app and iOS app. No image distortion, no disconnects other than when I think Synology somehow forces a reboot.
    2. The bitrate in the Reolink live feed will hover around 1800Kbps, but AT THE SAME TIME I'm watching it drop to 0Kbps in Synology then eventually disconnects from Synology only.

    I'm losing my mind. I've tried so many different solutions.
    – Latest firmware IPC_51516M5M
    – Latest Synology software
    – Connect as ONVIF vs C2Pro
    – Live feed source = Synology vs Camera
    – Port forwarding
    – Keep-alive method off in Synology
    Nothing seems to permanently work.

    Help please! Thank you!


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    Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you. Could you please send an email to Our support team will check it for you soon. Thanks.



    It looks like an older firmware was the issue (the 3/2019 version). Upgrading to the latest appears to have solved this issue. Thank you!



    You are welcome. If you have other problems, please feel free to contact us for further assistance. Thank you for supporting Reolink. Have a nice day!

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