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    I took delivery this morning of an Argus Pro camera and solar panel.
    I inserted the battery and got the message ”run Reolink app, add the camera and set it up”
    So I installed the app on my Galaxy J5, scanned the QR on the camera, input the wi-fi code.
    Scanned the QR between camera and phone then.
    Message ”camera connecting to router, please wait”, then ”connection to router failed”.
    I have a BT Home Hub 4 (type A) Software version
    Am I missing something or is the hub not compatible with the Argus Pro?
    Is there a way of connecting the camera direct to the phone or does it have to go through the hub?



    The camera can scan the QR code generated on your phone but it prompts connection to router failed, right? Please confirm the problem referring to Wi-Fi Connection Failed when Setting up Battery-Powered Cameras. If the problem still exists after reading this, please send an email to Our support team will check it for you soon. Thanks.


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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