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    sausage heinemann


    I am customer from Germany and lately bought the ARGUS 3. My english is not as good as it should be, so please be kind ;).
    The camera is in use now for about 1 months in combination with the REOLINK solar panel. I am monitoring my driveway up to the garage which is about 10-12 meters long. Camera is mounted on a selfmade fixing about 50cm long, mounted with a pipe-clip on the downpipe of my house in a height of about 3 meters.

    Camera works okay so far, clear picture days and nights. But some points I am struggling with:

    1. The length of the recording isn't long enough to record critical situations. Maximum length is 30 seconds. As far as I understand the functioning of the PIR sensor, it starts the recording when it recognizes a sidewards movement. So far so good. But when someone moves in the driveway forht and backwards after he/she entered it, the PIR sensor will never trigger the recording again. Is there a possibility to customize the lenght of the recording now or in former updates? Maybe 30 seconds was selected to reduce battery usage?

    2. It may be possible to do some kind of workaround for (1). Turn the camera 90 degrees to the left or to the right may solve my problem. But either in the APP nor in the PC software I am able to turn the camerapicture 90 degrees. Only 180 degrees

    3. The recording starts sometimes 1-2 seconds to late when someone rushes by. Even when Motion detectgion ist set to MAXIMUM. Any solutions?



    Hi, if you store the recording on the SD card, the maximum recording time will be 2 mins at night and 5 mins in the day. For the problem, you can try to adjust the installation angle of the camera to make the PIR sensor work better.

    You can also set up the post-recording time to extend the recording time.

    For your second problem, we will forward your demand to the R&D team.
    If you have other problem, you can submit a request here, Our team will reply you in 24 hours.


    sausage heinemann

    Hi Cynthia,

    thx for the replay. I am not able to set the recording time up to 2 minutes. Recording straight to the SD card is only allowed fpr 30 seconds (App and Windows Client)



    Hi there, this is the post-recording setting, which means that it will record the 30s more when the motion ends. The SD card can record up to 2 mins at night and 5 mins in day.

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