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    I received my newly ordered Argus 2 Cameras and have a HUGE issue with them, which makes the cameras absolutely UNUSABLE for me!

    ALL pictures the cameras send out e.g. by mail are hugely overexposed with a green tint – see attached screen. So the picture, which is sent by mail is simply unusable!


    When you connect to the cam THE FIRST TIME after some time, the picture is as it is in the screenshot for about 2 seconds and then switches to normal.

    The REOLINK SUPPORT doesn't seem to be able to work out this issue – I'm hugely disappointed and left here with – sorry – 260€ crap, which I cant use due to this issue.

    Now that I faced the support with this problem, I don't get any response from them anymore..

    If only I had waited and bought them through e.g. Amazon, I would be able to return them and get my money back. Now the money is gone and I'm left here with this unusable stuff.. great! 🙁



    sorry folks – this is an absolute no go!

    received a reply from the reolink team about the issue. it's ”only” happening on motion-detection with the emailed picture as seen above. despite this, there's no issue with e.g. live view.

    they're offering a 30% refund if i keep these cameras – what the hell?!

    i ordered 2 cameras and 2 solar devices to replace my argus 1st gen and i get a 70% working product for which i get a 30% refund if i keep this bugged camera?!

    oh boy.. i REALLY hope i get the FULL refund for my order when sending them back TO CHINA .........



    Our agent has helped you with the full refund. Please reply to our Emails and sorry for the trouble.

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