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    Ok, so I am aware that officially Reolink says third party cameras aren't supported with their NVRs.

    My question is, is that really the case? I connected my Amcrest camera to my network and it shows up in the ”IP Camera” list but I cant get a picture even after setting username/password/port.

    Anybody have any luck with a workaround this limitation? I've pretty much tried everything- plugging directly into NVR ports, router ports, changing port numbers, I tried placing the Amcrest on the same subnet (172.16.25.xx)...etc.

    It seems odd to me that Reolink cameras are ONVIF compliant as well as my Amcrest, but cant work with each other on the NVR. The fact that it shows up on the camera list gives me hope that with a little workaround it may work....any ideas?

    I'm starting to think the Reolink NVR looks at the MAC address of the camera and rejects it if it is not one of theirs, even if everything else is kosher.





    Hi, sorry for the inconvenience that we didn't run a full test on other brand cameras. But if the NVR could detect the camera, please check the status in the IP channel and try to lower the resolution/bitrate on the camera to check. Get more help, please refer to



    Hi Carl- From what Ive researched, your company intentionally disables 3rd party cameras from working with your NVRs. Thats fine and is absolutely your perogative, however I wish you would have given a straight and honest answer instead of recommending that I ”lower my bitrate” of my 3rd party camera to try and make it work.

    For everyone else-

    Ok, so after doing some research I probably should have realized this earlier- Reolink has embedded code prohibiting 3rd party cameras connecting to their systems. Pretty crappy for us guys who have cameras from multiple vendors. But I get it- in a market this saturated it makes sense to lock down your NVR. Still though- I definitely would have been a repeat customer with Reolink if they allowed 3rd party cameras—- but no way now.

    Below is taken from a review of their system off Amazon-

    ”One thing I noticed when attempting to pick apart their firmware:
    There is a dvr.xml file that appears to contain parameters

    Previous firmware:

    New fimware:

    It looks like they disabled onvif and rtsp on the NVR. This shouldn't effect Reolink cameras at all, but might possibly cause issues if you're using other 3rd party cameras with the NVR.”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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