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    Please can you make the android app easier to use in landscape mode on an android tablet. Currently while trying to use the playback option it switches between portrait and landscape mode, so if I want to play back a motion detection the sequence sequence of actions are like ....
    1.Watching camera in landscape
    2. Hit back button... it switches to portrait
    3. Select playback quickly or it auto returns to landscape
    4. Click show alarm videos only ... quickly or it switches to portrait
    5. Select time for clip to watch ... switches to landscape.. I'm never quick enough to get the one I want before it switches
    6. Click back ... switches to portrait
    7. Quickly Click clip I want ... switches to landscape
    8. Not the correct clip so Click back ... switches to portrait .... grrr
    And so on
    Being able to use the large tablet (Samsung s7+) in landscape mode without all this flip/flopping between landscape and portrait would be a great bonus.

    Second request is I have 6 cameras and when watching playback on one camera it would be nice to be able to switch to another and carry on watching from the same time the first camera was on. This would make it much easier to follow a subject as they moved around between the areas the camera cover. Currently I have to note the time as I switch and the go thru the hassle of finding the same time on the new camera.

    Third request, in portrait mode the time pops up as you move the video position slider making it relatively easy to jump to a particular time, in landscape however it doesn't do this so it's guesswork trying to find an exact time to start playback. Maybe add an option to allow the user to enter the time they want to playback.

    Thanks for listening.



    Thank you very much for your suggestions. We will forward it to our R&D team and help them make improvements in the future.If there are other issues that we can help with, please let us know.



    I am also voting for these SPFLMF tablet requests.
    thanks in advance



    Hi, got it. Thanks. I will also forward your needs to our engineers.



    I'll add a query / bug report / feature request to the mobile app (Android and iOS).

    When playing back motion detection videos, I've noticed that some videos are highlighted in blue as they are playing, but others are not. It's weird – when playing back sequences of short ~10 sec clips, some clips are highlighted blue, then the next one isn't, then the next one is, then a few aren't, then the blue box is back again. Is that deliberate? If so, why are some videos highlighted in blue and others not?

    It would be great if the video clip that is currently playing was ALWAYS highlighted with a blue box. I realise that the currently playing clip is slides to the middle of the screen, but that's not the case at the start and end of the sequence of short clips, and so without a blue highlight box it's not exactly clear which video is actually playing once you're approaching the end of a sequence of short clips.

    Just seems odd to me that the currently playing clip wouldn't always be highlighted with the blue box so I thought it might be a bug.



    May I know what's the blue highlight do you mean? Could you please send me a picture of that?



    I'm referring to the blue box that is circled in red in the attached image. I was playing back videos the Reolink app on my iPad when I first noticed that the blue highlight box sometimes doesn't appear when playing videos. But upon playing back videos again just now I'm unable to replicate the issue on either my iPad or iPhone. So beats me, maybe the app was just glitching on my iPad. I'll keep an eye out for whether I see it happening again.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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