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    Reolink should really look to develop a video doorbell that works with existing NVR's and is powered via POE. I purchased a ring doorbell a while back but ended up returning it to the store, just wasn't for me. I would love to see one released with similar features that works with their system.



    Thank you for your suggestion. I will forward it to our senior engineer, we will notify you if we have the plan to develop the doorbell. You may subscribe our emails to get the news: Thank you for supporting Reolink.



    I was planning on logging in and making the exact same suggestion! Bernie beat me to it. This is a great idea. I want two video doorbells, but don't need additional monthly service charges and want it integrated with my existing Reolink NVR.



    Thank you for your brilliant idea. We will add the doorbell into our plan list and our R&D people will work on it. If you have other problems, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance. Have a nice day:)



    One more comment. Running POE ethernet to the doorbell would be an issue for me. I would like WIFI for the device with the device powered by the existing doorbell transformer.


    Crimp On

    Wiring would be a major issue for most customers. Just as a side note, I have not (yet) purchased a doorbell camera because my doorbell is mounted ”sideways” next to the front door. The door is recessed and the only reasonable way for the builder to run the bell wire was down the small ”side wall”. So, a doorbell camera will get a good view of someone who is standing at the front door (sideways to the camera), but will be invisible to the camera until they literally are touching the front door.



    any update to a reolink video doorbell to work with current reolink NVR system?



    I'm really sorry to tell you that currently we haven't heard about any news on the doorbell camera. We'll resubmit a request to the R&D people and ask them to carefully consider it again. Thanks.



    This is a great idea. I have looked into the various video doorbells currently available and none of them tick the boxes. Most of them either only support cloud storage, or record only to a local SD card.

    In my opinion, there is currently a gap in the market to release a video doorbell which supports Wi-Fi, recording to on-board SD storage and integration with a NVR with ONVIF and RTSP support.

    It would be a great addition to Reolink's product line.



    We sincerely appreciate your valuable suggestion! We'll definitely consider about this. Thank you very much!



    I agree, I would prefer to have this run on the existing doorbell wiring similar to how Nest or Ring do it. I cannot run new wiring to my doorbell easily.



    Just to add to this.
    I have a Google Nest Hello doorbell along with my Reolink 4K NVR system and find them compliment each other very well.
    Both do things the other does not.
    I'd not want a Reolink Doorbell as I'd lose Google functions, and I'd not want a Google Camera system as I'd lose Reolink functions.
    I find the alerts better in some ways, and thumbnails of what triggered them, and the ability to run your finger up and down the phones screen to smoothy move thru hours and hours of footage a dream.
    It's easy to see something on the Google Nest Hello, take a note of the time, and then ”go find it” on the Reolink Footage.

    It's an area for BIG Improvement from Reolink, and other NVR/Camera system makers.

    My suggestion of a way to make this happen would be (wild guess)
    Get your Camera/NVR to take 1 single snapshot every, (guessing) 30 seconds and save this to a separate file.

    Then via a Reolink client, perhaps using a mouse scroll wheel or slider, smooth scroll through a whole 12 or 24 hour period in seconds by scanning through this file.

    Let's do some maths:
    Over a 24 hour period capturing a single frame every 30 seconds you would get
    2880 frames
    At a normal playback speed of 20 frames/sec that would just be 144 seconds or about 2.5 minutes of footage to store in this file each day.

    Then you could simply fast scan thru this 2.5 mins of footage recorded daily and see the whole days events (at 1 frame every 30 seconds)

    I just used one frame ever 30 seconds as an example. Given how little data it really is, it could easy be 15 seconds.



    This is indeed a very meaningful suggestion! It may become an epoch-making improvement!
    I will tell the R&D team in time to see if this feature can be implemented in the future!



    Thank you.
    I'm aware my suggestion is not a simple thing to do.
    And I'm just putting forward one possible method of how it could work.
    With 24 hours to scan through, it's not possible easily, and the Camera's NVR can't move through all that data fast enough.
    Hence why I suggested perhaps a snapshot every xx seconds to build up a small easy to view 2 or 3 minute video of the entire 24 hour period to make it easy to find things easily for everyone.
    And then you can go to the actual recorded event in the main footage.
    Thank you again for listening to all our suggestions.
    As quite a new Reolink User, I am appreciating so much the support us users get.
    This is what will make us loyal customers into the future to have the company listen to what people want and make all things better, as that's what we all want 🙂



    Your suggestions are the driving force for our company!
    Thank you so much!

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