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    I currently have a Reolink system with six POE cameras and NVR. I'd love to try the wire-free camera as I'm always using a spare non-Reolink wifi camera for spot use around the house. I love my POE Reolink cameras!



    Hi I would like to participate i this trial... i have already 2 cameras Argus pro and using and promoting them to my friends... very happy with the support and the app.



    I'll give it a crack Nigel.



    I will test this camera out in the cold conditions here in Alberta, Canada. I have 3 other Reolink cameras.



    I would like to participate in this(Argus 2E) and any other trial that you offer. I own and run three Reolink wireless cameras. What sets me aside from a few others is that I am running these cameras on a Macbook Pro. Thank you.



    Love the ease of my Reolink cameras and the value of the storage subscription. I also use a lorex camera system also wireless. Frankly I find the video quality on the lorex camera better. I would love to tests the new camera to see if this improved. I prefer the Reolink do to the cloud subscription cost being less.


    Are Australians included in the Argus 2e Beta testing? I would LOVE to be included. I currently have 3 x Argus 2 cameras, 2 with solar panels. I'm looking at at least 3 more cameras eventually. 🙂 🙂

    Does saying 'Pretty please pick me help?’. hehehe

    And how about a blonde pic of me in my leopard print face mask?
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    I have 3 reolink cameras, 1 battery powered Argus and 2 solar powered Argus2′s, I would love to try the new Argus 2E because the batteries in my Argus only last for a week so I would love to take part in the trial!



    I would like to test it alongside our existing 2 Reolink cams (RLC-511 & RLC-511W)



    Bonjour, si les français peuvent aussi tester, je vous propose mon aide. J'ai actuellement 2 argus 2. Bonne journée 🙂👍


    Sven mahn

    gerne würde ich die neue Argus 2E testen und Euch mein Feedback dazu geben, damit alle anderen User direkte Informationen aus dem Alltag haben. Einrichtung, Nutzung in der App und mit Alexa und den direkten Vergleich zur Argus 2 oder Argus PT.

    Gruß Sven



    Hi . I am from London.
    I would like to try this camera. I already use one of your camera Argos eco. I need to install one more camera on the other side of the house .


    P Ma

    I love the Argus Pro with Solar at my front door and am looking for another one for the driveway. This new model sounds like it will fit the bill. Can't wait to give it a try. 👍



    Hello from Ireland, got many reolink camera here with the Poe rlc410s (x4), rlc 511 and argus 2 (X2) providing all my smart security. Would be honoured to test your new camera and keep threads updated on how well it works



    Does the 2E:
    -Allow setting motion-detection zones?
    -Allow deletion motion clips via the user interface, to declutter false-positives?

    The first is possible in software, even given the PIR method of motion detection.

    The latter would prioritize useablilty over the unlikely event that an intruder has hacked both your network and camera to delete evidence.

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 114 total)

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