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    It cost more and is only 1080p, however my goal is the best for the money. Its the Sunba 601-D20X IP POE+. 20 x optical and 800 feet night vision. As for the resolution, I have a $50 1080p indoor PT wireless that actually has better IQ than any of the reolink cameras I have. One of the big buying decisions when I got the reolink was the 4 and 5mp resolutions but compared to that 1080p I have those are just numbers. Will let you know how it works out.



    I got a Sunba 601 D20X. 20 x optical zoom and infrared to 800 feet. Its about $140 more total after you get the POE+ injector. Even though its 1080P the image quality is noticeably better than the 5MP Reolink. I have not tested night time focus yet but the day focus is already noticeably faster. Will be selling my two 423′s and likely my whole Reolink system. This camera did not work well with the Reolink NVR. I had read that Reolink devices are not fully ONVIF Compliant.



    can you tell with what PTZ you have replaced the 423? I don't use the Reolink NVR, I use SurveillanceCam on a Synology NAS as a NVR.


    I got to test the focus at night with the Sunba vs the Reolink 423. The Sunba focuses much much faster even at night. If you notice with the Reolink as you zoom in and out, the focus trails far behind. On the Sunba the focus is right there with you. It does not have the option for preset focus either but since it does not suffer from the poor focus that the Reolink does, its not critical. The only complaint I have about the Sunba is an overexpose issue with infrared. I can also vouch for the long distance infrared. I zoomed full at night to a pitch black area about 600 feet away and it was spectacular.



    Even though its 1080P the image quality is noticeably better than the 5MP Reolink.

    There are still image quality issues with Reolink and BlueIris. My Foscam 720P and 3Mp HIK Vision cameras have a better image in BI than a 4MP Reolink cameras has. I noticed if I drop the Reolink image down to 1080P, I still get the same quality image as the 4MP image, but about 1/3 of the size!

    The Reolink image is beautiful inside the Reolink app, but it does not display well in Blue Iris for some reason.

    Reolink really needs to figure out why their image quality sucks so bad in Blue Iris.

    They also need to release their API!

    There also needs to be a way to get a snap shot with the resolution you want, rather than just the default set in the GUI, ie.
    curl http://camera/cgi-bin/api.cgi?cmd=Snap&Channel=&RES=1920×1080 or RES=2560×1440 etc.



    We'll look into image issue with BI. For API, please ask help from Thank you very much for your understanding!


    Steven Kan

    Got a compleately different answer from your support: due to hardware limitations it's not possible to store focus information with the view presets.

    This makes the RLC-423 a toy and not a surveillance camera. In more than 80% of the situations, the camara is not able to get a sharp picture after changing the view position.

    I haven't had nearly this level of problem; my RLC-423 focuses correctly 90% of the time. But I certainly understand the issue.

    I did some snooping of the http traffic from the client to the camera, and I have a theory as to why storing the focus is not possible. Here's what the web client sends when you depress Focus In:


    and when you release the mouse button:


    The focus motor doesn't increment to a numerical position; it goes forward (or backward) until it's explicitly told to Stop.

    My theory is that the focus motor has no position sensor or encoder. It's just forward/reverse commands with hard stops or software stops. The camera can't store position because there is no position to store.

    This is not something that can be fixed in firmware. I suppose Reolink could create an algorithm to ”accumulate” motion from the last known hard stop, and then home itself against a hard stop and attempt to recover the position with a timer, but that's unlikely to be more accurate than the current autofocus algorithm, which appears to work by detecting contrast.

    If I'm correct, the focus/autofocus will never get any better without a hardware revision.

    It's not a problem for me, because my camera focuses well enough for my application, but I can see why it would be in other applications.



    I'm having issues with the app not playing 5mp HD content playback from the SD on both RLC420 and RLC511, I can play fluent but not clear from the mobile app using an iPhone. When I access the camera via a web browser on my WiFi connected laptop it plays just fine both clear and fluent. I'm using reolink app version, – must be an issue with the app as I've ruled out all other possibilities. Reolink please can you look into this and resolve ASAP this is driving me crazy, I want to playback high quality footage from my camera!



    Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please send an email to Our support team will check it for you soon. Thanks.

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