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    Hi Reolink203,

    Thanks for all your time on the setup.

    Now I open up the Reolink client on my PC. v7.1.2.28
    When I click the settings gear, this is what I get: As you can see, there are no wifi settings.
    This is what I meant when I mentioned that things don't happen as your instructions suggest.

    You may need to ADD DEVICE–>SCAN DEVICE IN LAN and add the camera alone to set its SSID and passowrd of the router.

    How is the camera working now?



    Well, the one dot of signal strength got to me again today so I tried to get the camera to connect directly to the router.
    After MUCH trying of your instructions I finally got the camera to connect...(leave password blank)....sort of.
    Now I have ALL FOUR bars of wifi signal strength.....BUT NO PICTURE just a black screen.
    Also, in the device list on the NVR menu, it shows the camera as a 192.168.x.x:9000 and not a IP address like the other cameras, but Status is ”connect failed”
    I cannot leave this like that and wait till tomorrow to see if you have any more suggestions so I will try to get this back to connecting to the NVR wifi with the one dot of signal strength and at least having a picture. I will try one last time tomorrow to connect the camera directly to my router if you have any suggestions.

    OK, got it back to how it was, I do have a picture now with a dot of wifi signal.




    Hi Reolink203,

    Thanks for your time and testing. Upon your description, the camera has connected to the NVR successfully. Would you please try to restart the camera and NVR to check again by power off and on. Thanks.



    Must the wireless router be connected to the NVR by wire, or is it possible to use a wireless range extender to connect to the NVR?

    In other words, camera connects to wireless range extender, and wireless range extender connects wirelessly to NVR?

    If this will work, any specific instructions to set it up?


    Hi Reolink203,

    I am not so sure about the extension cable will work or not, but you may try to put the wifi router between the NVR and camera.
    1. connect the NVR to the router by a network cable
    2. connect the camera to the router by wifi signal
    In this step, you may need to connect the camera to the router by a network cable, scan it via reolink client and set the SSID and password of the router. Then it will work like below diagram.



    Hi Doellg,

    Sorry that the NVR has to be connected to the router by network cable. Thanks.



    I was able to solve my problem by using a powerline wifi access point. Topology is:

    – I have a home powerline network connected to my cable modem
    – Wifi cameras are connected by wifi to a powerline wifi access point
    – Powerline wifi access point connected through powerline network to gigabit switch (switch also connects TV, Blu ray, etc to internet)
    – NVR connected to gigabit switch

    This seems to be working fine. It allows me to put the wifi access point near enough to my wifi cameras to have a strong signal, while at the same time allowing me to locate the NVR at a convenient location far away from the access point and still have a ”wired” connection between access point and NVR by using the powerline network.

    Hi Doellg,

    Sorry that the NVR has to be connected to the router by network cable. Thanks.



    I tried to setup my rlc-210w camera wirelessly to router. evertyhing was set up successfully and i can view the camera from dvr.
    But everytime i turn off the camera and turn it back on, the camera won't connect to my wireless router. (electricity in my house likely to go on and off).
    THe nvr ip address went back to default 172.16.xx.xx and i have to manually connect to the router using network cable to change ip to 192.1.xx.xx again. the ssid however is still connecting to the router.
    how do i manually change the ip address for good?



    Hi Endy,
    We have tested here and the camera would be able to reconnect the Wi-Fi router and shown on the NVR.
    We've also received you email, our technical support will contact with you for troubleshooting, please check your email.

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