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    What you need to understand about ”Security” is that unless you have international peer review and sign-off by an established global compliance institution of your security and privacy practices, then your word is as good as anyone else who claims ”we are 100% secure”. If you need more information on such standards/certifications, please contact Sophos/McAfee/Symantec for further guidance on how to obtain such certification.

    In the meantime, as a security product manufacturer, you must understand that not everyone will work their devices on open internet connections, even with port forwarding between specific IP addresses, as it is another potential attack vector, assume DDOS etc.

    The Argus range requires IP connectivity but because you are relying on communication with Reolink servers only, you are effectively crippling the device for those who want to use such devices on closed networks. Imagine if you did this on all your other Reolink cameras? Most people would not purchase them if that were the case and made public!

    Point of fact is that if you gave the Argus the same local-network connectivity without relying on Reolink servers as your other products, then the Argus would be a complete product covering both audiences, consumer and prosumer and then everyone has the option to either use P2S2P or highly-secure direct IP2IP private networks. A simple firmware update by your development team would place the Argus range into a more wider complete market.


    Tongue-in-cheek I would say the concerns are the same as Trump, which is why he banned Huawei, Hikvision and Dahua from government installations, and rightly so, I'm guessing many more to get on that list.

    The problem is that the codebase is closed-source. IoT devices are already a nightmare in general. Sophos did a study on it all recently and detailed the thousands of attack vectors which people are introducing into their homes.

    A ”security” product should take SECURITY seriously and be able to function without having to ”dial the manufacturer”. Understandably these devices are designed to just work for the average consumer, but not all consumers are 'average’, security companies should make certain that functionality is present which permits a consumer to operate a network device in a private network.

    Also take into consideration the possibility if a product becomes end-of-line in a few years, and those 'dial the manufacturer’ servers decide to go offline, a product becomes useless on the most part. This has happened to countless products over the years across all departments.

    The above is just a small list of reasons.

    For I personally it is simply the fact that I have my security running in an offline network with GSM integration, no greater internet (cable/adsl) reliance whatsoever. The other Reolink cameras do email notifications just fine but I don't use that for I have them running as Onvif cameras working under Milestone. The Argus is not a 24/7 recording camera, thus I have to rely on notifications, but if those notifications are not possible offline, then the product is crippled, take for example if the phone-line goes off for a few hours due to telecom works down the road or if the internet goes off because of some ISP routing issues... it means security notifications go off, and that is something which 'average’ consumers just dont think about until it happens.

    It is rather unfortunate, as the Argus Pro is actually quite a nice technical achievement as a package.


    Ok, I have found the issue, the problem is that the battery powered reolink cameras do all their notifications via the internet. So it does appear that Argus range of cameras do NOT support local smtp. This is a major security risk and should be flagged.

    So it means this camera is not for me and I will now have to request a refund. Why don't these manufacturers simply state on their marketing ”INTERNET REQUIRED FOR NOTIFICATIONS”.

    I have wasted the best part of a couple of days trying to get this to work when it was never going to work in the first place!


    My firmware version is: 0530_94_107_24
    Unable to find any info on firmware releases for the Argus Pro.


    Hi Bill,

    Yours is an Argus 2, I'm thinking the issue could be with my model, Argus Pro.

    The wired Reolinks are all on the same subnet and are sending notification emails fine. It is a routed subnet all running out of a Juniper PoE switch, everything is configured correctly and working as it should. If there was an issue then none of the other Reolink models would be sending emails. I have used the exact same configuration as in the wired reolinks.

    The problem is most definitely with the Argus, it just doesn't do anything with local smtp emails it appears, I'm going to have to Wireshark it via mirror-port and see if it in fact even attempts to do anything SMTP relative. I do have a strong suspicion that email notifications simply do not work with local SMTP because as far as I can tell these Argus cameras are designed to rely on an open internet connection if one wants to access/configure them via the windows client, someone stated in a review that the Argus cameras send the feed to a Reolink server and then the windows client gets the feed from the Reolink server, if this is indeed the case with the Argus range then this is something which people should be made aware of.

    I will just for arguments sake create a temporary gmail account to see if that works, however that still doesn't resolve the issue in hand, I have no intention of putting this camera online or to use a 3rd party online email server, it would defeat the purpose of the system being self-contained and not relying on an internet connection to keep me notified.

    If it isn't too much to ask Bill, I would love to know if you are able to send email notifications from your Argus 2 to a local SMTP server? you could use minirelay, and see if Argus 2 actually connects to the relay even.

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