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    But for the Home Assistant, we have the plan in next year and you may subscribe our emails to get the news:

    Signed up. Do you have a beta program? Any hints you can share?

    For the Raspberry PI, I'm not familiar with it.

    A little video and description of a PI.

    More questions, but that will be for other threads. 🙂 Thanks again.

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    Hi Paul, yes, you can use the Reolink Client on PC(Windows or Mac) to set up the NVR.

    Carl, thanks for the reply. I was not clear on my OP. I needed to do the initial setup. I was hoping when turning on the NVR and it powers up for the first time into the setup, that it would get a dhcp address. Then assuming you are on the same subnet, the ”setup client” which could be a part of the Reolink Client, would do a discovery and you could then do an initial setup. For example, set the IP and Admin Password. Then you could use the Reolink Client to find cameras and finish. Not that big of a deal borrowed a monitor from work, got the IP in, then did as you said and used the Reolink from that point.

    But we don't have the Linux client for it.

    My thought there was to use a Raspberry PI to display the cameras on one of my TV's HDMI ports. I might be able to accomplish that by a different route. I notice in the setup there are different ports. Of course, there is http and https. Also Media, RTSP and Onvif. I have googled RTSP and Onvif enough that I have a feeling I can use my plex player connected to the TV already to maybe do what I want. Lots to learn and I bet there will be a ton of questions here before long.

    Just curious, again, is there anything explaining connecting Plex to the NVR?
    While i am at it, I would also use the camaer system in my Home Assistant.

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