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    I'm extremely disappointed at this not been already taken cared of. This should be at the highest priority to address.
    The complete idea can't be that you should run around with the phone every time you want to look at your cameras.
    It should not matter if they are wired or wireless the idea is to have decent visibility and you don't achieve that on a freaking 4,7″ screen.
    The APP is for me only an added on... Primary is the PC/MAC-client or the NVR application itself where the output to a bigger screen should show all our reolink cameras wired and wireless.

    Get a grip it's is only Software and address this asap. You are losing ground.

    What does ”working on it” means? Pls, provide a decent ETA. So that anyone with particular needs can take appropriated actions.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)