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    From time to time I notice an oddity with my motion settings on the client software, using the 8 channel NVR. One camera's motion settings become disabled, while another camera's motion settings previously disabled becoemes enabled. This is despite enabling the motion settings multiple times. I'm not sure if it's the client as my motion detection emails and the audio buzzer stops working which leads me to check the nvr settings via the software, so perhaps it's a bug with the NVR in general? This appears to have happened this morning, and I missed 6 hours of motion detection emails I normally would expect to get

    It seems strange, did you share your device with others and they may change your settings? Also, please try to contact the support team for more help, refer to

    There's two phones that have the Reolink app and one PC. None change the settings, it happens from time to time, not very often.

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