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    This app needs a section just for notification it could be called Notification or Motion and it could have two tab what with "All" and "New". This section need to show a thumbnail with the day and time the motion was taken when you touch on it will play 5 seconds clip showing what was captured by the motion sensor it could be on low quality to save space. From the short clip an option to review the same clip but this time form the NVR to see further.
    The user spend a lots of time going to the playback section trying to find the exact spot for the notification just to find out it was nothing important. It will improve the use experience if once you get the notification you click on it or go the Notification section and see a 5 second clip to decide if you need to see more or if it was a false alarm. You could be in a meeting or with the kids on the park and it would take just 8 second or less to review your motion sensor notification to see any malicious activity is taking place on your home or office or maybe it was just the neighbor cat.

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