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    As an IT admin I need to know how these work and WHY this does not seem to be documented anywhere.
    These cameras seem to ”magically” work and are accessible outside of normal firewalls with no port forwarding required.

    How does this work?

    I'm assuming that the cameras by default make a connection to an outside cloud/Internet server and maintain a connection/state
    that is then accessible via the Camera ID number..

    But none of this seem to be documented anywhere that I can find..

    That's just great... (NOT)...

    Not being documented is BAD people.

    So when it suddenly stops working one day, how do you troubleshoot WHY it's not working if this is kept secret?

    Please point me to documentation and how this works so that I can keep it working.

    Or stop it from working like this.

    I don't see any options to STOP it from connecting out!!





    Hello Steve,
    Thanks for requesting information about our product.
    There are two servers in Amazon AWS: P2P server and Relay sever. When user tries to access camera or NVR, P2P server will help Reolink Client to setup Pear-To-Pear connection with devices. If connection succeeds, devices will send video to Reolink Client directly. If connection fails, the relay server will work. In this case, devices send video to our relay server, and relay server will forward video to Reolink Client.
    If camera is connected to internet, the UID code will always work, if you have troubleshooted the internet connection on both the camera and your device is fine while UID stops working, please contact us at
    If you want to stop it, please disable UID. You may find it under Device Settings > Network Advanced.



    Thank you very much!
    Does clear that up.
    + I didn't realize the disable UID feature.

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