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    1) Throws error, configuration failed if changing any settings and then no live feed. On mobile app it works fine but client ...

    2) The search in playback show nothing based on the alarm or motion detection and as soon I start playing from remote location, it just stops and even camera stop recording.

    3) No option to update firmware remotely via Windows App.



    Hi D-V,

    1. Would you please tell us what you attended to setup and got configuration failure note?
    We will check your problem and offer solution asap.

    2. For remote playback on Reolink client, please refer to the below instruction:

    For MD recording file search, we have to setup MD recording on NVR first and then you may check the correct file for playback.

    3. Yes. For NVR, we can only update the firmware on NVR itself in SYSTEM–>MAINTANENCE–>UPGRADE FROM USB.
    The latest firmware can be downloaded from /firmware



    1: Would you please tell us what you attended to set up and got configuration failure note?
    Setting Camera Name
    2: For remote playback I have 27/7 continuous recording. But have set-up alarm to record video on motion detection. I need to search via Triggered Alarm option but nothing appears in search except the whole day recording.
    3: But how about updating the Camera firmware? Do I have to login to NVR to do so? It's in attic and you can't expect to go to nvr every time new firmware is out and I have climb with monitor just to update it?



    Hi D-V,

    1. Please check whether the camera is still online or not.
    2. Please search Motion type. The trigger alarm is not for NVR type, but other series of products with alarm connectors for alarm sensor.
    3. A TV monitor is enough for live view of the NVR system. So, if possible, it is suggested to connected the NVR to a monitor by the provided HDMI cable and then upgrade your 4 cameras at the same time.
    if monitor is not available, you may connect the camera to the router one by one and upgrade the firmware.


    Jon Dough

    I have a similar issue. The Windows client v7.1.2.36 runs for a few hours and then freezes under Windows 7. I am streaming full HD from a 410 IP camera on a different network. The Windows Error Log merely states the reolink client ”hangs”, without much further information.

    Under Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, the Reolink client will run indefinitely, but causes the Windows Network to loose DNS capability after about 12 hours of streaming. This DNS failure just about wipes out all Internet access because DNS lookups do not work. If I exit Reolink, DNS will start working again – until Reolink has run for another 12 hours or so.

    Please help. Thanks.




    Hi, please kindly install the latest version(V7.1.2.40) of Reolink Client software, refer to /software-and-manual/. If it still cannot solve your problem, please kindly send email to and they will help you to check it.


    Jon Dough

    Forum Admin:

    I installed v7.1.2.40 and the Windows Reolink Client software no longer hangs or breaks DNS on my system. I tested it under Win 10, 8.1, and 7. Thanks for bringing to my attention that a recently updated version of the Windows Client software was available.


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