Forum Security Systems Wi-Fi Camera Systems Will the Reolimk RLC-410W work with the Reolink NVR's ?

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    I have just purchased a single camera ... RLC-410W ... and was wondering if it and 3 or 4 more can be used with a
    Reolink 8 channel NVR. Will the camera connect to the NVR ?


    Crimp On

    The RLC-410W product page claims it works with Reolink NVR's. (Down at the bottom of the page.) The NVR product page mentions numerous cameras, none of which are WiFi models, but it also says, ”etc.”

    I downloaded the NVR User Manual. The zip file includes manuals for several types of NVR's. On page 23 of the PoE manual, it says the NVR can detect cameras connected to the NVR's PoE ports and also cameras connected to the same router sub-net as the NVR.

    So, my guess is ”yes”. Before making an order, I would email ”” with your question. They answer pretty quickly and seem to know their products.



    Hi Mike, yes, you may refer to Make Reolink WiFi Camera Work with Reolink PoE NVR.



    I have a RLC-422W that is up and working on the app and the PC Client with no problems. I just set up the NVR RLN8-410 and when I scan for cameras, it doesn't find the camera. They are both on the same router/WiFi. It's the only internet I have so it's not like I'm on 2 different networks or something. Is there a way to manually add a camera or do you have any suggestions?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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