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    I put in wireless extenders to help expand my wireless coverage at home. however my wifi camera's seem to be intermittently losing signal or disconnecting. It reconnects and logs in fine but just constantly disconnecting and then reconnecting.

    Besides switching to wired, any other suggestions?



    May I know how is the Wi-Fi signal strength on the camera? How far away is the camera from the extender or your main router?
    If the signal is very weak, the connection may become unstable. For a comparison, you may take you phone or laptop to the same place where you have the camera and connect them to your Wi-Fi network, will you get a stable connection?
    If the camera is placed at a Wi-Fi dead spot where the signal could hardly be improved, it is suggested to use the wired connection.



    Same problem. Wifi signal strength strong on my phone and showing on the cameras. They just intermittently fail. One of the cameras was working the went totally grey but it shows it's working. The software for the computer is useless. Looking at my system right now... out of 4 cameras only 3 are operational (and this is a brand new system I have been struggling with for a few days). Out of the 3 cameras that do work, 2 of them have 3 bars wifi strength, the other has 4 bars. My phone shows full strength in all places. I installed a wifi repeater. Cameras still constantly say video loss and go blank. Funny thing about that.. If you touch the NVR... jiggle it... tap an antenna... the cameras will start to show again... for a short time. I have firmly twisted each antenna on all the cameras and the NVR... they simply don't work as stated.



    It seems you have a Wi-Fi NVR, for the Wi-Fi NVR kit, the 4 cameras are connected to the NVR wirelessly by default.
    Would you please offer the following information to me:
    1. How far of the distance between the NVR and the wireless router? Have you put them very close?
    2. How far of the distance from the NVR and each camera?
    3. As to the one camera that is not working, does it have a very weak signal?
    If the NVR is very close to the main router, it is suggested to keep them away as far as possible.
    In addition, it's also suggested to change the wireless channel of the two devices(NVR and main router) to be different.
    Thanks in advance and look forward to your information.

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