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    I recently purchased a couple of 423ws wifi PTZ cameras. I would like to find a compatible NVR for these cameras to be able to easily record 24/7 via wifi without running external ethernet cables. I was informed that the resolution is too high for current NVRs. Is this correct or am I misunderstanding something?



    The Reolink Official answer is only their NVR's support their cameras. Although going through other threads and other user forums, many people use Synology NVRs using I think it was Blue Iris software (not 100% sure of the software). As i understand their Reolink's NVRs they can support the resolution without any problem. But if your lucky, Reolink support will post a more definitive answer for you. I have several 411ws in a concrete block and rebar house mounted outside, so the wifi signal strength was terrible. I used TP-Link Powerline adapters which utilizes your existing electrical power lines running through your house and used the built in ethernet to monitor the cameras. Once you plug in the ethernet cable the wifi is disabled. So i didn't need to run cables.

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    With this NVR ( and a high-end WiFi router, you are able to achieve your goal without much efforts. You can access the cameras bythrough the NVR, also can access the camera directly on Reolink softwares. The WiFi signal depends very much on your router and your working environment.

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