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    Steven Kan

    Whether I log in from the iOS client or the web interface, or view the RTSP stream in a viewer, I get the same results–stuttering video. I don’t have any local storage on the device, so here’s a snippet from the YouTube archived stream:

    You can see the stutter as the seconds display flips over from :18 to :19. If you watch the live view during Los Angeles daytime hours (GMT-8), you’ll see lots of bee activity, and it’ll be more obvious:

    My RLC-410 works fine, with no stuttering:

    My RLC-423 also works fine, with no stuttering:

    Firmware on the RLC-411 is current at v2.0.0.1389_18081406, and I’ve tried rebooting it, reducing the data rate, etc., and nothing fixes the problem.

    The RLC-410, RLC-411, and RLC-423 are all on the same Ethernet switch, so the network infrastructure isn’t the problem, and I have 50 Mbps up/down on FIOS, so internet access isn’t the problem.

    Those first 2 live streams are supposed to be capturing a very important event tomorrow, so I’d love to get this fixed ASAP!


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