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    Steven Kan

    Whether I log in from the iOS client or the web interface, or view the RTSP stream in a viewer, I get the same results–stuttering video. I don’t have any local storage on the device, so here’s a snippet from the YouTube archived stream:

    You can see the stutter as the seconds display flips over from :18 to :19. If you watch the live view during Los Angeles daytime hours (GMT-8), you’ll see lots of bee activity, and it’ll be more obvious:

    My RLC-410 works fine, with no stuttering:

    My RLC-423 also works fine, with no stuttering:

    Firmware on the RLC-411 is current at v2.0.0.1389_18081406, and I’ve tried rebooting it, reducing the data rate, etc., and nothing fixes the problem.

    The RLC-410, RLC-411, and RLC-423 are all on the same Ethernet switch, so the network infrastructure isn’t the problem, and I have 50 Mbps up/down on FIOS, so internet access isn’t the problem.

    Those first 2 live streams are supposed to be capturing a very important event tomorrow, so I’d love to get this fixed ASAP!



    Steven Kan

    Here’s an update, but this time the problem appears in the RTSP stream and not in the browser view:

    You can see my choppy arm motion, and you can see the last digit of the time display flicker as it goes from 37 to 38 to 39.

    This is not a VLC/client problem, because I have the exact same problem in other RTSP clients, such as ffmpeg feeding my YouTube channel. Look at the right side of this video:

    This is not unique to one camera unit or even one model, as I’ve seen it on my RLC-423S as well as my RLC-411.

    This is not a power supply problem, because I have tried 3 different POE switches, and I’ve seen the problem on all 3.

    Sometimes I can “fix” it by changing to Color mode and then back to Black/White, but not always.

    All cameras have updated firmware as of 4/22/19. The problem pre-dated the firmware update. I’ve also tried factory re-setting the cameras, and that has not helped.



    Sorry for the bad experience, could you please take a screenshot of this post and send an email to We will check it for you soon. Thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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