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    I have an RLC-423 and I've configured it to save files to a local FTP server. The file extension is .264, but I'm unable to play the files back with any applications on my computer.

    What format are the video files in? How can I play them back or convert them to something I can play back?

    Thanks for your help!



    Hi Mike,

    There are 2 ways for playback for current firmware.

    1. Playback directly on REOLINK CLIENT.

    2. Playback on common media player.
    We need to transcode .264 file to .avi first.

    However, for night vision of .avi video, it will look like sped-up one, which is because of the non-realtime night video recording files.
    So, reolink taam is working on mp4 format recording files, which will be more convenient without such problem.
    After the function goes through test, it will be published to customers for use soon.

    Make your life safe and sound.



    I guess I should've mentioned I'm using the Mac client. Any word on getting the transcode feature to work with Mac? If I knew what format the files were being saved in, I could transcode them myself via a script.

    Do I have any other options?



    Hi, I would like to also request .mp4 format videos. Thanks!



    After some more testing, I see that when I download videos from a 410S (built-in SD card) using the Client application, the videos are saved as .mp4 files and they can be viewed on all platforms (including Mac). But, when the same camera, sends video files by ftp, the video files are ”.264″, and cannot be viewed. So, we still need a way to transcode the .264 files, both for the ftp feature and for cameras without built-in SD cards. Thanks,



    Dear Customer,

    Thanks for your kind suggestion and feedback. We have forwarded your suggestion to our R&D team for analyze.

    If any update, we will keep you posted. Thanks.



    The new version which can support MP4 format is under testing now. Will be released next week. Thanks for your support!



    Is this released yet? Can the cameras now upload mp4 files to FTP servers? Thanks.



    Pls contact our support team by to get the beta version. Thanks!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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