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    I have two Reolink NVRs in different locations, an 8-port at home and 16-port at the shop. I recently bought a bunch of new cameras but unfortunately was unaware that they don't work with the RLN16-410 (or I presume the 8). They do connect and can be viewed via the mobile app, but they do not display on the NVR monitor or record to the NVR, and they cannot be configured for AI person recognition. In other words nearly worthless as installed.

    OK, not happy of course but perhaps that's partly on me for not doing more research? Whatever, it's done. Here is my question:

    Clearly the NVR powers the cameras and they "work" in that I can live-view and even configure basic motion alerts. If I install data cards for onboard storage is it possible to use the NVRs as simple PoE hubs and add each camera as a separate device via the mobile? At least then I can retain some value from the NVRs rather than throw them away and buy new PoE hubs. Initial attempts suggest not but perhaps I'm missing something.



    Hi there, sorry for the late reply. You can find the problem from this article, If you connect the camera to the NVR successfully, you can add the camera separately to the App.

    If you still have a problem with the NVR, you can submit a request here, We will try to help you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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