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    Guys, we know that some of you may have questions about what kind of micro-SD cards are recommended to use with Reolink Argus camera.
    Well, if you follow the specs here for reference, it would be working fine:


    Notes: You should choose Micro SD card not standard SD card.

    If you guys find any model of micro-SD card wouldn't work but does meet the requirements above, please share its model in the topic to let others know. Let's skip the traps!

    Thanks all.



    Wish Reolink used a positive click for seating the micro SD card in the Argus, like every other device on the market does. Your press and hold seating really sucks!



    Sadly I only have two cards which won't work:

    1. Kingston 64GB
    2. Sandisk 8GB

    Strangely enough there where videos recored on the SanDisk.



    Hi Krischik, could you please report the issue to our support team? They'd help you to solve it soon. Refer to

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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