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    Splen Dence

    I don't know much about POE switches. I want to add a switch to my network. I only have 3 ethernet outlets in my home, and none of them are in a good location for my NVR access. I have RLK8 coupled with 6-B800s & 2-B400s with 8gb HD. My wifi is 1gb Fios on my home's ethernet setup. I want to connect my NVR cameras through an ethernet switch. I found this one on Amazon Unmanaged TP-Link TL-SG1210P, but I can't find much info on the TL-SG1210P as reviewed by various sites or customers. I even tried You-Tube. I believe it is fairly new, and reviews are scant at the least. All 8-ports are POE+ / 802.3at & 802.3af providing up to 30W per port, total PoE budget 63W.

    1. Do you think this system will suffice?
    2. Is this the right type of Switch for my RLK8/B&D800s
    3. Does 8-POE+ mean I can view all 8 cameras at the same time? or is the wattage too low (30W per port/63W total)?
    4. If the switch is adequate, should I be able to hook up more cameras directly to the back of the NVR? or will I need to switch to the RLK16 using a 16-POE+ switch?

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Hi, Splen Dence, could you please report this issue to Our support team will help you with it and offer more details.
    Thanks for your understanding!


    Splen Dence

    It wasn't something to report...they were questions for the forum. I found out on my own: it works great

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