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    Anyone was able to make the RLC-423 work with the Android app TinyCam Monitor Pro?



    Thanks for your questions. Please follow the below steps to solve your problem.

    1. Download the app and open it. Enable ”Low-bandwidth profile”.

    2. Click ”Manage cameras” and scan the devices in LAN.

    3. Choose the item and click the arrow, it will remind you to enter user name and password.

    4. Enter the user name and password for the device and you may view the item.



    It did add the camera, but it applied all the settings for the RLC-410... And not the RLC-423... The only Reolink cam model in their database...
    Thus, I cannot use the PTZ functions and all other model specific functions...
    Maybe you want to contact the App creator to discuss adding all your camera models to his database...

    Thank you



    Question for Admin?

    How can you access your Camera from that app outside the LAN with this app?
    If I try to connect directly to the Cam by typing in the Public IP (port correctly setup in firewall) I get nothing...
    The only way I found to connect to it remotely is to use the RTSP (554) port...



    Hi, Patrick,

    Pls check your settings as below image:
    Tinycam Settings
    Note: Pls choose Camera to be Reolink.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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