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    Hi All,

    Does anyone know if Reolink Camera support 3rd part SSL Certs?

    So I have a website ( for example )

    It redirects to my ISP's IP 82.X.X.X

    I want to overwrite the self signed cert in the Reolink Camera to my 3rd party one.




    Hi ant33t,

    Sorry that Reolink IP cameras don't support 3rd part SSL Certs. Only HTTPS is supported and embeded.



    Thanks for the info, any idea if support for this feature is planned?

    I noticed Amcrest Cameras have this function.




    Hi ant33t,
    I will forward this request and see what happens.
    Thanks again.


    Rodolfo Grave


    Are there any updates on this?

    The current setup is not secure, as anyone can create a certificate and perform a man-in-the-middle attack, since the ”Issued by reo-link, Issued to reo-link” offers no guarantees. See the attached picture for an idea of what the invalid certificate looks like to the eyes of a safe browser like Chrome.

    One option is to provide the cameras with a certificate signed by a trusted authority, but that's going to cost Reolink money.

    The cheap alternative is to let people install their own certificates on the cameras so that they can trust their own.

    Could you please follow up on this? If you are serious about security this is a must-have feature.

    The other feature that's required is the ability to disable non-secure (HTTP) access. At the moment you have to set the HTTP port to a low number (try 1) to achieve that effect, but I have no guarantee it works.



    Same here, would be nice to install your own SSL certificate ... Also that we can disable protocols, like HTTP.


    I also request the support for installing your own certificate on the cameras, please consider adding this.



    I will throw my hand in in requesting this feature as well. Being able to disable HTTP completely would be nice, and also being able to install my own SSL certificate.

    (2) RLN8-410 NVR
    (5) RLC-410
    (3) RLC 410WS
    (1) RLC-411WS
    (1) RLC-423
    (1) RLC-C2
    (1) RLC-C1 Pro



    Sorry that the Reolink cameras do not support the SSL certificate at present. We will forward your request to our R&D people, they will pay close attention to your requirement. We will notify you at the first time as long as we have an update.
    Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you. If you meet the problem when you set this camera, you can send an email to the, we will help you figure it out. Thanks.


    Rodolfo Grave

    Hi Carl.

    Reolink has been saying the same for 2 years. This issues was first raised on April 2017, and the answer was very similar to what you just said.

    Reolink products are great in terms of functionality and reliability, but without either:

    1. A pre-installed certificate, signed by a trusted Certificate Authority
    2. The ability for us (owners) to install our own certificates
    3. The ability to shutdown all HTTP (unencrypted) traffic

    The cameras are inheritenly insecure and open to many attacks. CCTV images are obviously very private and ReoLink should offer us a better option than just hope for the best.



    @rodolfo: yes it is already a long time they 'promised’ to look into it.

    All across the board i don't see any improvements on Reolink camera's, e.g. removing Flash. This is the main reason why I stopped buying Reolink. I am not saying other brands are perfect, but they have it better under control compared to Reolink.


    Rodolfo Grave

    This is a shame because the most difficult part, the hardware, is pretty good. My cameras have been outdoors for a few years now and they keep giving. Not even a bit of rust anywhere.

    Please, Reolink, fix the software. You are even running standard firmwares, based on Linux, it should be relatively easy to include the modules required to allow for what we are asking, and then more!

    Feel free to get in touch if you need a deeper explanation of what we are asking and the reasons why it's important, but don't ignore our concerns or you will keep loosing clients.



    Still nothing. Sad.



    Throwing my hat into the ring here. This really is a feature that should be present in the camera software, even if it REQUIRES an SD card to act as the storage location for the Certificates. I notice that the latest firmware on the RLC-410-5MP devices now removes SSL, TLS1.0 and TLS1.1, which is definitely a step in the right direction but doesn't address the issues of moving away from self signed certificates ( I notice the RLC-511-W still has SSL, TLS1.0 and 1.1 enabled).

    In all fairness, the ability to use ”Let's encrypt” certificates that can automatically self renew on the cameras using the camera software would be absolutely perfect, along with the ability to create a CSR on the camera and upload your own certs.

    As many others have said, ”Security” is very important in a ”security” camera, especially given the new European GDPR rules, and the hardware is excellent. If you could please address the issue with certificates and the ability to turn off HTTP that would be brilliant. Even a reply to let us know what difficulties there are in this would be a step forward.


    jonas h hallberg

    Having a 420-5MP and can't use HTTPS at all because chrome denies access ERR_SSL_SERVER_CERT_BAD_FORMAT.
    Please add function to change SSL certificate.

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