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    How about a video replay client for the Amazon firestick? It would be nice to have an inexpensive way of playing video from Reolink cameras at at TV. I was able to install the android APK on the Firestick and it ALMOST works! It looks like changes are required to support a different screen size on the Android Reolink client build.


    darren doyle

    This would be epic. I’ve been struggling on ways to connect my nvr to my TV without running 100 mets of cable around the house and through walls.

    Does the apk work at all?



    It does somewhat work, but the result is not usable. You can see the video is terribly compressed in height and the menu navigation is not fully functional. I am only able to log into cameras that have no password.

    Picture of Reolink APK on a Firestick

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    darren doyle

    Yeah that looks pretty unusable which is a pity. I wonder if there is other tricks that could be used.



    Hi, we got your demand and the R&D will discuss it. You may subscribe our emails to get the news: But it is not an urgent demand for most users, it may not be achieved soon. Have a nice day!



    I have the app working pretty good on my firestic. I actually had to download an android app called apps to fire.(see link below) Once I configures the Reolink app on the firestick the display was compressed. so next I downloaded an app called set Orientation, it orients the screen automatically for any app on my fire stick. Yo will need a key board to configure the reolink app. There are plenty of youtube vidoes on how to install and use these apps.

    App to Fire Android Link
    App to FireApple Link

    Set Orientation Link

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