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    I was just GIVEN a box of six Reolink RLC-410 IP security cameras (nice neighbor, eh?) and of course, now I'm 'exploring’ these guys.. Pretty impressive picture, and things have been going very well so far, but I also read a 'spec’ saying that


    these can accommodate an SD card..? Uh, 'scuse my ignorance, but ..WHERE is this located?
    I've also seen the same reference about a 'microSD slot’ on Reolink's web pages specifically for the RLC-410 (and there's no no extension to the model number, like”RLC-410S” on these...), so IS there a capacity for 'microSD’ cards? If so, danged if I can find this 'slot”... Unless this is a 'typo’ and there IS no 'microSD’ slot on a plain-old ”vanilla” RLC-410.
    Am I blind to this 'slot’ or something..?



    There are two hardware versions of RLC-410. The old one has no slot for microSD card while the new version does. You'll see a slot on the camera exterior that says ”MicroSD card slot”. If you didn't find it on yours, then they are old versions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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