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    Hi all,

    I have 3 RLC-410W WiFi IP cameras and have connected 2 of them outside. They work reasonably well but my biggest complaint is that the bullet design makes it easy for spiders to create webs.

    Firstly there's the overhang (probably intended to block sunlight). And the central portion of the front face has a circular ring that slightly protrudes from the face, providing surfaces for spiders to anchor a web to.

    The height of at least one of the cameras is far too high for me to reach to clean it. I could re-mount it at a lower height but would need two cameras in place of the one to capture the full width of the area of interest. Besides, even with the camera at a more manageable height, it's an ongoing nuisance to clean and it does me no good to have a security camera that can be foiled by a web during a potentially critical moment when I'm not aware of its presence.

    At the time that I purchased the cameras, bullet designs were the only WiFi IP models available. I see now that there is the Lumus, which looks like a potentially better design to avoid spider webs.

    I've tried using a product called Spider-Ex but it's completely useless at deterring spiders.

    I only see 3 options going forward:

    1. Figure out how to prevent spiders from anchoring onto the front of the cameras.

    2. Sell my RLC-410W cameras and try the Lumus.

    3. Sell my RLC-410W cameras and try a dome-shaped (or Lumus-shape-like) camera from a different manufacturer.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for either of those 3 options?

    Best regards,



    I forgot to add:

    Has anyone tried using the Lumus outdoors, and if so, can anyone confirm whether they had any spider webs and over what period of usage?



    Hi, there. I haven't got this issue before. Since you mentioned that the camera is placed high, you can see if there is any long broom that can help you reach the lens of the camera and then clean the webs.

    But I think maybe the shape of the Lumus may help stop the spiders to create webs. Lumus doesn't have the place for the spiders to create the web. You can order one to have a try to see if Lumus can help solve this issue.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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