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    I purchased and successfully set up both a Reolink Argus 2 and a Reolink Argus PT camera, both coupled to the Reolink APP on an iPhone XS running iOS 12.4.1. Both are working fine on that first iPhone XS (iPhone XS #1). However, I then used the SHARE screen on that first iPhone XS to transfer those camera setups to a 2nd iPhone XS (iPhone XS #2), also running iOS 12.4.1 so another family member could also access those cameras. And in that SHARE attempt, there are problems.

    When I go into Settings on iPhone XS #1 and scroll down to the Settings for the Reolink APP I see a list of 7 items and included in that list are Face ID which is set to ON and Cellular Data which is also set to ON. Note that I did NOT do anything special to get either of those two items to be turned ON. To the best of my understanding they both just happened by default during the initial camera setup. To further the point on the Face ID, when I go elsewhere in iPhone XS #1's settings, under Face ID & Passcode I see, under "Other Apps", that "Reolink" is one of the other apps listed. Again, I did nothing special to make that happen.

    But on iPhone XS #2 that was set up using the SHARE feature from iPhone XS #1, neither Cellular Data nor Face ID is in the list of features shown in Settings —> Reolink. And I don't see any way to add them either. Remember, I did not "add them" on the setup of iPhone XS #1. The camera setup just put them there and I would say by default. And nor on iPhone XS #2 in Settings —> Face ID & Passcode —> Other Apps is "Reolink" listed as another app that has requested to use Face ID like it was on iPhone XS #1. And note also that this second iPhone as, to the best of my knowledge, all the same defaults are present such that there is nothing more restrictive about iPhone XS #2 that might have caused things like Cellular Data and Face ID to NOT be available.

    Without those two features it is NOT reasonable to consider using the APP to access these cameras on iPhone XS #2. With no Cellular Data access for the Reolink cameras, one could not see them away from our local WiFi network and that's not reasonable. And to have to manually enter a complex password every time instead of using Face ID is also not reasonable so we have deleted the Reolink APP from iPhone XS #2 unless and until we can find a way to add these two features that did not transfer over (using SHARE) to this 2nd iPhone.

    My guess is there is something missing from the SHARE capability when used to transfer camera setup settings to a 2nd iPhone XS. Can anyone offer any help??? thanks…



    Sorry that Reolink cameras do not support the facial password. You need to log in the device via UID and password in Reolink software. If you want to preview the camera on another phone, you could share the UID with it and then enter the password to log in. Read on Share Your Configured Cameras/NVRs with Others/Other Phones to learn more.
    If you have other problems, please send an email to Our support team will check it for you. Many Thanks.

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