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    Helpful tip !! Yes.

    I have a RLN8-410 with 5 x 5MP CCTV's connected. Love it, easy to setup and works amazing now.

    But I had slow/non response when playing back recordings on my PC and phone(4G and wifi). + lots timeouts when trying to download. Mostly, it would play first clip I selected, but after selecting another it would just do nothing.

    I upgrade the pre-installed 2TB (its slow a Toshiba with 16MB cache, about 120 MB/s). To a Segate 4TB ST4000VXZ07 (64MB cache and 190 MB/s).

    I have not had one slow or non response since the upgrade. Easy to do and keeps all your settings, see youtube for info.

    Hope that help anyone thinking about upgrading 🙂



    Thanks for sharing, if there is any other concerns please kindly email to reolink tech

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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