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    Hi, I just got a 410, and have been pretty impressed.  I'm on a Mac and connect to the camera via Chrome and Safari.  Only minor gripe that I have is that in Safari, I get a ”Download Flash” button in the video viewer.  I don't have Flash installed and Chrome on the same Mac works just fine.  This tells me there's some sort of HTML5 video happening?

    Since plugins are on their way out, I'd like to avoid using the official Reolink Safari plugin. Is there a way to get Safari to use HTML5 video streaming?




    Hello, Schow.

    You may need to check your firmware version of your camera. If you upgrade it to the lastest, you should not be asked for plug-in installation no more. Tried again here and it's fine.

    You may need this:

    Which browsers can you use to see videos captured by Reolink cameras



    I'm using the latest firmware.

    A bit of a red herring, the computer I was using did have Flash installed.  It's a work computer and I wasn't aware Flash was imaged.  Safari just had turned it off because it's a battery hog.

    This begs the question – how do I prevent the web clients from using Flash in the first place?



    I have some other trouble within Mac-OS and the C2. On OSX 10.9 I can see the video stream with safari and firefox via flash, but on OSX 10.6 I can not, even if the same and current version of firefox and flash is installed. Other than that I can play any other streaming like netflix, amazon and youtube on OSX 10.6, I can even play the downloaded files from the C2 with the built-in quicktime player. So I wonder why this streaming format of the C2 is so limited compatible.

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