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    I have been putting together a security system based on MotionEye on the Raspberry PI.  I cannot seem to get the RTSP to connect, does anyone else have experience with this?



    I am using motioneyeOS with reolink cameras.

    motion (and hence motioneye) only supports certain image resolutions. The default encodings for the reolink cameras *are not* supported. So the first thing is to set the stream encode setting of the camera to something that is supported. For example, I set the ”Clear” stream to 720P. Then in motioneye, create a new camera with the url:


    And select (”RTSP/TCP”). Then set the camera resolution in motioneye to match the stream output (in this example, 1280×720).




    Thank you very much for you sharing.

    Reolink Digital Technology Co., Ltd |



    The Url provided does not seem to be working.
    The one that works for me is:



    Joseph Wertz

    I had a lot of blurring, delay, and artifacts in the feed when using both of these URLs.

    Using only this: rtsp://[CameraIP], gave me a great clear video.

    Using rlc-420-5mp and PoE. MotionEye 0.41. Ubuntu 18.04.



    Sorry to tell you that the Reolink product might not work with Motioneye because we haven't tested it before. So sorry about that. But please do not hesitate to contact us if you need the RTSP data or other information for Reolink camera. Please send an email to, and then our support will provide the information you want soon. Sorry about that. Thank you for supporting Reolink.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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