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    Here is a letter I sent to Reolink. If anyone knows a solution let me know please.
    I have 5 other Reolink cameras, 4 battery and 1 solar panel. I just bought the RLC-422W from your ReolinkOnline store on eBay and it was shipped in an Amazon box so I'm assuming it came from Amazon. I set it up next to my router and it was working. I moved it to my garage and it was working. I unplugged it to mount it outside of the garage and plugged it back in and it wouldn't connect. I took it back to the router and it still wouldn't connect. I hooked it back to the ethernet cable and it would connect on the PC Reolink Client but not on the app. On the app and on the client now, it will not scan for networks. I have to manually add them in. It says wifi test passed but it won't connect. All of my cameras are working fine except this one. I did the firmware update and that didn't help. I've deleted it several times, reset it to factory several times, checked the antennas, switched the antennas, updated everything. It was working fine for about 15 minutes then stopped. I'm sure it's not my router, PC, iPhone or any settings since my other 5 cameras are working and so is everything in my house. I think the camera is shot. I'd like a replacement. The item on ebay on the ReolinkOnline store was 132****26765. I also bought the NVR item 132******7901 and if I can't get this taken care of I'm sending it all back. I haven't even unboxed the NVR yet. If someone could give a one on one support in real time so I don't have to wait days with back and forth that would be really nice.


    Crimp On

    I am not an expert, but I do have a couple of questions:

    1. Is your PC Windows or Mac? (you said the magic word ”iPhone”)
    2. When you set up the camera by plugging in an ethernet cable, you said it was working.
    Did that include finding your WiFi router?
    And, you tested it by unplugging the ethernet cable, rebooting, and the PC client could still find it?
    3. Did you ”add” the camera by UID or IP address?
    The smartphone app is intended to connect to the camera by asking the Reolink cloud server,
    ”where is this camera?” and the server knows because the camera has connected to Reolink and said where
    it lives on the Internet.
    This may be critical, because one of the things the PC client and the NVR do is broadcast a query on the
    local subnet asking, ”if there are any Reolink cameras out there, please check in.”
    4. When you write, ”sent a letter”, you mean emailed

    Don't know if any of these questions make sense, or will be helpful.

    My other question is, ”are you SURE that the Reolink NVR will work with battery cameras? (solar power comes under the general heading of ”battery.”) I may be incorrect, but my sense is that the NVR is designed to continuously collect whatever the camera is viewing. Since battery cameras would run dry in only a day if left on continuously, there is not much point in connecting them to an NVR. I would check that out by directing a question to



    Thanks for the reply. Reolink called me last night. No idea why, but I did all of the same steps and it started working and is working today too. The battery cameras will not work with the NVR but the WiFi RLC-422W has to be plugged in to power and that does work with the nvr. Reolink sells them together and it says on their site that it works. I already knew about the battery ones, that's why I bought the WiFi one. Thanks again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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