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    Hi there,

    the reolink cameras seem to me the best choice while looking for a camera system with various different models for different situations and when you don't want to use a cloud based service.

    So I haven't chosen for it since I still have some open questions.

    I'm currently considering buying 2 of RLC-420-5MP as babycams. I would like to connect both of them to my QNap Surveillance Station or any other custom ”NVR” (Zoneminder, motioneye, etc.) via RTSP. Since I don't want to use our usual DECT babyphone anymore I also need audio. Is that possible on the RLC-420-5MP?

    For other system that don't work with RSTP it would be nice to have MJPEG but afaik none of the reolink cams supports it, right?

    Is there any other way to ”connect” to the camera and configure it than using the http interface? Is there maybe ssh access or is it possible to fetch stuff from the sd card via FTP? Is it maybe even possible to mod the cams os – is it a linux?

    I'm currently using Raspberry PIs as cameras but this solution is a but fragile and not robust enough for me anymore.

    Is it possible to trigger video recording on the reolink manually or take snapshots in a specified interval? I mean this would still be possible in the Surveillance Station but since the RSTP stream will be h264 encoded I think taking images from it will result in reduced quality. Taking images on the camera directly would be much better.

    So many questions. But it would be awesome if you could help me.




    SSH to your camera — you're spoiled by your raspicam 😉 Agreed on the robustness of the raspberry pi camera. My AI rpi cam is good for tinkering, comedic for the spouse, but the camera/sensor module is not good for my use-cases. For reolink (AFAIK) there are no APIs, so you're stuck with proprietary reolink clients, but the windows and android apps are OK and have good WAF. There are cameras available (other brands) that get closer to meeting your use-case, which can be CURL'd and scripted. Haven't found a system that has a good sensor (e.g., IMX291) that one can SSH into though.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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