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    I'm trying to use a RLC-410WS on Synology's Surveillance Station. It isn't listed in the dropdown of cameras, so I tried to set it uo as ONVIF, but I keep getting errors. When trying to ”test connection” it fails. When trying to save it fails with, ”can't access cameras capabilities.” Has anyone set up a Reolink camera as an ONVIF in Synology? Does anyone have any tips I can use to set this up?



    I downloaded ONVIF Device Manager and found all the information I needed.



    I created a new [User_Define] using port 554 and Source Path of /h264Preview_01_main That gives the preview of the camera. When I get more info I'll add it



    I added a [ONVIF] at port 8000 and was successful




    Thanks for reaching out to contact us. You can also follow the instructions below to fix this issue:

    1.Launch Reolink client, right click your camera to get "Remote Config"–>"Encode" and select "Base Line" as shown:

    2.Launch Synology Surveillance Station,click "IP Camera", and "ADD" new camera.

    3.Select "Quick Setup", and click "Next".

    4.Setup the Camera as below, and click the "Test Connection" to check if it is ok. And then click "Finish". Note: Port is 8000.

    5.Wait for the camera shown in the list.

    6.Click "Live View".

    Make your life safe and sound.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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