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    Hi folks, it's finally here – Reolink works with Google Assistant. Now you can control the Reolink camera with your voice!

    Have a Goolge Home smart speaker or a Google Assistant app on your phone? Hook it up with your Reolink camera (following the guide here) and you can ASK your Reolink camera to deliver live streaming and check everything's going well, literally.

    Try the below simple voice commands:

    • Hey Google, show Garage Camera on Living Room TV.
    • Hey Google, what's on my Baby's Room camera?
    • Hey Google, show Front Door camera.

    Google Home

    Important Notes:

    • Google Assistant supported device: Argus 2, Argus Pro, Argus Eco, Argus PT, Keen, E1, E1 Pro
    • Currently available in US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
    • Please update your firmware and software (download here) to enable the feature.

    Your Reolink camera model and country are not on the list? No worries. We are working day and night to keep updating the supported devices and countries, and we'll keep updating this thread to let you know the latest progress.

    Let us know what you think about the Google Assistant integration by leaving us a comment below.

    Also, we'd like to learn if you have other brilliant ideas to make Reolink products even better. So what's on your next wish list?

    Updated on July 2nd, 2019

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    I updated my Argus 2 yesterday and it works great casting to my Nvidia Shield. There is about a 7-8 second delay though.
    Also, it would be so great to see this feature come to the NVR enabled cameras.



    Would be nice to see POE and NVR cameras supported, when is this expected?



    Thank you for your enthusiastic feedback. We will collect the customer's suggestions and forward them to our R&D staff. Then our R&D people will work on it according to customer's requirements. The NVR supported camera will also support Google Home in the future. We will strive to make progress as soon as possible.
    You may subscribe our emails to get the news: Thank you for your understanding and patience. If you have other problems, welcome to leave the comment here.



    When is this going to be working in Europe. Was told 8 weeks ago it would be shortly. Have you an estimated date for Google assistant update/ cloud availability for Europe



    We're working proactively to support more countries, including the European ones, in the future. In order to protect our users’ privacy, we still have a lot of work to do to compliant with the GDPR.
    We appreciate you for your patience. Please subscribe or follow us on Facebook and Twitter @ReolinkTech for the latest updates.



    wondering if anyone else is having this issue.... set everything up according to the article explaining what to do. when i say ”show me front door”, google home says ”ok”, goes to a screen that looks like its going to work and then says ”not responding”. on my other camera, it doesnt even get that far. after it says ”ok” when i say ”show me patio” it goes back to the ”google home” home page. cameras are argus 2. phone is a samsung galaxy note 9. any ideas or suggestions? thanks!



    Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you. Could you please take the screenshot of this post and send an email to Our support team will check it for you soon. Thanks.



    Got my Argus 2 and Argus Pro casting to chromecast via Google Assistant. The only way i found to turn it off is to go to the Google Home app and hit the stop casting button from there. Is there another way? Thanks for bringing this feature!



    I hope my C1 Pro will also link to google assistant and Reolink cloud.



    C1 Pro can also work with Google Assistant at present, you need to upgrade the firmware of your camera to the latest. Please go to the Download Center to find the new firmware. Thank you for supporting Reolink.




    Any way to change streaming quality when casting from assistant? It is showing lowest quality possible.

    Also, RTSP streaming from all devices has always been very choppy no matter what program I use to stream with. Any way to fix this? Latest firmware did not help.



    Hi is the rlc 410ws supported? Would love to have it working with Google!



    Sorry that the RLC-410WS does not support Google Assistant at present. We will notify you if there has the update. Sorry for the inconvenience. You may subscribe our emails to get the news:



    Also experiencing the same issue with Google Assistant stream quality. I have the RLC-410W and when I tell Google to stream to my tv it streams it with an awfully low quality despite strong and fast connection. Latest firmware also did not help. How can we improve the casting quality and delay?

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