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    Bill Verdon

    Batteries are expensive.... and if you buy rechargeables and the charger, that's another $60! Really like the features of the Keen and where I wish to mount the camera, I have no power options without ugly cables. The Argus to the Argus 2 was a positive step forward in the battery department. The Keen is the second gen indoor camera with PTZ and looks promising. The one thing stopping me from the purchase.... batteries. I recently purchased the Argus 2 (and have a second on the way), and was looking hard at the Keen.... it's a no go for me.

    Maybe the next gen will have the rechargeable battery built in.

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    Especially since you can attach an UBS charger to power the Argus 2 in which case the Argus 2 will never run out of power. Outdoor this is of little use hence the solar panel. But indoor there is always the chance for a close by mains socket. Disposable batteries is so last millennium.

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