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    I just set up system, RLK8-410B4, and its been running for about two weeks and I'm now getting a error message box when I open Reolink Client:

    No enough disk space!

    (No spelling error, it says 'No’ instead of 'Not’.)

    Isn't the system suppose to just overwrite on the 2 TB hard drive? Any ideas what that means?

    Also, when I perform Playback function, and save a screen shot or video clip, a screen pops up says 'Success ...” and gives location on C/ drive. I go to the 'Capture’ and 'Download’ folder on my C/ drive but they are empty. Where does it save these files?

    Thank you,

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    OK, I think I solved the error message: ”Note No enough disk space!”, I think it means my C/ drive is almost full and can't hold anymore 'Captures’ or 'Download’ files I or the systems saves to my C/ drive.

    My C/ drive is a SSD drive so I may go into the Reolink Client and set the save location to my 1 TD SATA drive.

    But I still can't find or see my saves for 'Captures’ or 'Download’ files from the replay function in those folders.

    I'll leave this post up in case any searches for the error message: ”Note No enough disk space!”

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    As to the issue of empty ‘Capture' and ‘Download' folder on my C/ drive, please try selecting another path for ‘Capture' and ‘Download'. And then re-launch Reolink Client running as administrator.


    Anna Howze

    I am grateful to have opened this discussion. This question is quite interesting to me. Finally the answer was found

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