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    Reading this article it seems you have added Google assistant firmware but can not find latest version as the one listed in this article is not available. Where can this be downloaded from and when is the app with upgraded cloud section going to be added as described in this article, cheers

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    Glad to hear you are interested in our new update, we are currently testing. We will publish the new firmware that applies to Google home as soon as possible. You may subscribe our emails to get the news:
    Thank you for your understanding and patience.


    suto norbert

    More info:

    If somebody test it, i would like to ask something:

    What google home voice commands able to use?

    I really hope that the following is available:

    – Start record
    – Send email (with screenshot)

    PS: if the above commands is avaliable, a new world is opening with home automatization (with Reolink Argus family)! Really easy to expand the Reolink cameras range with more PIR sensors (the video quality is mutch better, with the PIR range...)

    It possible to integrate cameras to Domoticz and other home automation software (

    I really hope that this new feature is avaliable as soon as! (..and not only US+Australia, but also rest of the world!)

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    Sorry that the voice command you listed above is unavailable at present. But your suggestion is very worthy of being adopted, I believe this will be our future development direction. Thank you for your suggestion.
    And Google home can be used in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada at present, we will expand the applied area in the future. Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you.

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