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    We have the same problem on my android app and my wifes iphone app. Works ok with wifi, but most times cant connect with cell phones.



    Is it only possible to view streams via Wan if the cameras are uploading to the cloud?


    Crimp On

    Reolink's Cloud Service was added for customers who want recordings to be protected. Recordings on an SDCard inside the camera would be lost if someone physically removed the camera. If someone is going to burglarize or vandalize a home, they certainly would not be shy about stealing cameras. Customers with battery cameras clamored for Reolink to create a Cloud Service similar to that of Netgear's Arlo.

    Before the Cloud Service was created (and still), Reolink cameras can be accessed through a mobile phone app. The key is that the camera has to be defined correctly in Reolink's data center by the UID. If you are having trouble accessing camera feeds, I suggest contacting



    Same issue with me. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 and when on cellular data it wont load the live stream. As soon as I hook to any wifi network it will load. This is absolutely ridiculous. I bought this to replace a couple of wyze cams because it is completely wireless... well those $25 wyze cams have been more reliable as of right now. I just got it hooked up today and everything is up to date.



    Hi all, sorry for the inconvenience caused.
    Please provide your camera model and details to the for assistance.
    We will try our best to help you fix it.



    Very recently purchased (3) Argus Pro cameras and solar panels along with Samsung 64GB Micro SD cards. Sent them back the same day I received them becasue of multiple set-up issues that I should not have experienced. The ”Push” notifications simply would not work and the email notifications would not work either. PIR ”On” settings were correct and Scheduling was set for 24-7 enabled. I attempted set-up on an iPhone XR, iPhone SE and iPad. The latest Reolink App was installed on all devices. My wifi is strong with no issues using my Ring doorbell, Nest T-Stat, Chamberlain wifi garage door opener and a Cox Homelife security system. All work perfectly in-house and remotely. It should be noted I have used these cameras in the past without issue at a different location with an Android device used during set-up. I searched for set-up videos that could help without success. I generally have the patience needed to work through a set-up issue however these cameras upset me in a more profound way. I kept thinking if I have this much trouble setting these up on day one there is no chance they will work 24-7 while I'm 2200 miles away at my summer house and zero chance I'd me able to correct an issue remotely. I'll wait and wire the house for POE wired cameras and a NVR later in the fall when I return to this winter residence. Hope others have a better experience!



    Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you.
    If you meet the problem when you operate our camera in the future, you can send an email to for further assistance.


    Jerrel Schoenrock

    Believe it. I don't think they will ever fix it. I love the cameras but they will not fix this problem. I have had my cameras for a couple of years, been through several firmware/software upgrades.

    The first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem.



    Hey all! This may work for some perhaps, I had the same issue, connected fine to home wifi and work wifi but no luck over mobile data. The solution, I found was my phone in the options had data saver turned on, this prevented any apps trying to pull any large amounts of data over the mobile network, as soon as I turned that off it worked. I hope this helps some of you.

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