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    John Baker


    I've purchased a Reolink 810A. I can access the clear (4k) view via the following URL with VLC:


    but when I try to login to the web client (in chrome) with the clear radio selected, the web interface says that clear isn't support, instead displaying fluent (low resolution).

    Can this be fixed?




    Hello! We do not add this function to our 4K cameras currently. We will forward your feedback to the R&D team and hope that they can make improvements in the future. Before that, could you please live view the camera in Clear mode on the Reolink software?


    John Baker


    The client on my phone works as expected, but this is not a particularly good solution for someone using a desktop computer.

    I think the issue here may be that Chrome does not currently support h265, and that major vendors are leaning towards AV1. Surely the solution is to build an AV1 stream into the camera (via a firmware update) and then a browser (and broader range of clients) can render it? It does look like AV1 support is required for future cameras, although I don't know if the h265 stream is produced by hardware or software..


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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