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    Sarah Savage

    There is a link to a ”Mac Client”, but that link downloads the same Windows client as the ”PC Client”. I then downloaded and installed the Safari Plug-in.

    Does anyone actually use REOlink cameras with Apple Macs? I would love to have a way to locate the camera on my network, but I don't seem to have a means to determine an IP address or MAC from the instructions. There are QR codes for mobile clients.

    I purchased the camera last year before I moved, having used Foscam's IP cameras in the past, but I just installed it, so I admit expected the documentation to have some means of locating the camera. Foscam actually had a utility that could locate the IP cameras by the MAC address.

    Also, the connection diagrams in the QSG show connecting the power adapter to the camera even though the camera is POE and I have a POE injector. If the POE camera still requires a local power adapter, then that would defeat the purpose of POE.

    Any Apple Mac users of REOlink cameras have any suggestions? I would certainly appreciate the input. Thanks.



    Dear Sarah,

    Sorry for that. The page /software-and-manual is under upgrading these days. Have reported to our related dep. to solve it. Pls check it again.

    For the POE camera, it was default with power adapter till Apr. this year. As received many feedback from our cutomers, we removed the adapter since May and also updated the QSG. You may download the new QSG from /software-and-manual

    If any questions for MAC client use, pls let us know.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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