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    Hey Reolink, how about testing some more rechargeable CR123A batteries for the Argus camera. I know you tested a few, but it would be nice to have more choices. There are several that claim to have a capacity of 1800mAh, I'm wondering if they are worth getting.

    Also, how is the Argus Pro coming along? And will you have any sort of upgrade program or discount for those of us that purchased your initial Argus?

    I either have to find some good rechargeable batteries or get your Pro version, because my current Argus cameras are costing me too much in replacement batteries.

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    Hey, we can schedule to test some more, but can you or other guys here make some suggestions on some models? Then we can do the collection and initiate the testing program.
    About Argus Pro, it will come out this year if things go smoothly. As to discount and other information, it's undetermined. And please stay tuned for newsletters.



    I'd like you to test Garberiel and Skywolfeye rechargeable batteries. I saw them on Amazon, both claim to have an 1800mAh capacity.

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