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    Hello support team,

    I really need your help. I bought a RLC-511W and did a firmware update, because i thought the Wifi isn't working. But I think it was because of the ethernet cable was connected too. Whatever, after the firmware update the zoom and focus functions don't work no more, but they worked before. Can you help me please? Ist there a workaround available? For example a downgrade? I cannot find older firmwares on the website.

    I did a reset of the webcam and check it over the app, webinterface and desktop app. Nothing is working.

    It is very urgently because I need the webcam tomorrow for an exhibition.

    The webcam details are in the attachment.

    Here are the links were I downloaded the driver:

    Support site:
    Driver link:


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    Crimp On

    Most of the people who visit this forum are customers (like you). Maybe someone will have a suggestion. I would also (1) email the question to, and (2) find another camera in a hurry because support is in Hong Kong which is in an entirely different time zone.

    You can also try a ”hard reset” by holding the reset button for at least 10 seconds. At that point, it will respond ONLY to an ethernet connection. You mention trying smartphone app, web interface, and desktop client. After a hard reset, it cannot respond to the smartphone app, but should respond to web and desktop client. The user name should be reset to ”admin” and the password should be blank.



    Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you. Our technical support Sally is following on the ticket you submitted. Please pay attention to the update of email.



    ive got the same problem ,please upload the old firmware so i could rollback to my old firmware

    i have also have try hard rest and it doesn't work ,ive also email them ,hope they will fix it ASAP



    Sorry for the inconvenience. Please wait for the reply from our technical support. Please do not worry about that, we will help you figure out this problem. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


    let me guess: the label on the camera is of the new kind where the qr tag is on the actual label (not two labels side by side).

    what's happening is reolink is shipping new cameras (511 and 511W) with hardware modifications but without hw revision increase. they are packed with a firmware release revision of 372 or something which is newer than the fw release they offer on the downloads site. so what happened with us (and probably with you, too) is, we downloaded the official release and flashed it, effectively making a downgrade to a fw release that does not cooperate with the new hardware causing zoom and focus to fail.

    i'm discussing this with their support, but as always, this takes time. i am currently not sure if they actually understand the problem.

    in the attached pics the camera labeled herisau is of the new batch that breaks when 'upgraded’ because the fw shipped on them is newer. the other pic shows a camera of an older batch that runs fine with the 354 release.

    hope this helps anyone understand while we wait for reolink to clean up this mess and release whatever fw they ship these with so we can fix it.


    so Cherry from reolink support sent me a pak via email that indeed fixes the zoom and focus problem on the rlc-511.
    the file is named IPC_51516M5M.448_19061410.RLC-511.OV05A10.5MP.AF.REOLINK.pak. the important part is ”448″.
    now idk if the file is the exact same for the rlc-511w, but the core hardware should be identical with IPC_51516M5M iirc, so the problem and the solution should be the same. i asked them to update the files in the download area, but as long as we're waiting for that to happen, just contact support with your problem description and link to my posts.



    thanks for sharing this information ,i also got email from them and they say that they will contact the manufacturer to send them the old Firmware and then they will send it to me


    there's an official update on the fw site, but not for all the ipc51516m cameras. only the 410 cameras are covered.
    so no luck for rlc-511 and rlc-511w owners besides going through support.

    that's bad, reolink...



    Sorry for any inconvenience caused. The newest firmware will be released at the end of this month. Thank you for your understanding and patience.



    at lest they took down the files so no other people will not get hurt from this file


    Lol what a scheidtshow.
    Now all the older 511 users who missed the update will continue to have bad ftp connection for another couple weeks at best (this was fixed with the recent update). Let's see what breaks with the new releases. I for sure will prevent my team from updating or buying more of these cameras for now...


    I can confirm the zoom and focus issues have been fixed for both the old and the new RLC-511 with FW release 477 (

    I can't say anything about any other camera type, and we'll see how well this performs.

    Thanks so far.



    The new firmware has been published in our Download Center, please upgrade firmware for your camera to fix the focus or zoom issue. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your patience. Have a wonderful day!



    great thanks for the update ,ive manage to update it also and everything working

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