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    We bought 2 of these for some internal product testing, I love the feature set and the quality of the image but it seems there are some missed opportunities which I hope could be software updates to give you the edge over the competition.

    1) It would be great if a lot more of the functions were dependent on the motion detection active area only not general motion triggers for the below:

    Email Notifications
    An email notification + image only generated when people enter the active area instead of having to deal with 1000s of images (yes I can turn the frequency down but then risk missing the action) and this would be the most storage efficient way of grabbing images.

    Playback Capture
    I only want to record footage when movement is within the active motion detection zone not as it works currently with it triggering from motion in the full camera view which needless wastes storage and therefore capture period duration.

    Capture on No Movement
    Sometimes it is handy to send alerts/captures only when motion stops as this can use monitoring when staff are absent or something has failed/stopped


    Crimp On

    Perhaps there is a misunderstanding. When the device setting ”Alarm” is used to define the ”Active Area”, only motion within the area triggers a recording on my RLC-410, RLC-410-5MB, RLC-320-5MB cameras. I have some flowers close to the front door that are always moving in the breeze and a hummingbird feeder that the camera picks up. I excluded those parts of the image and no longer get recordings for motion there.

    That was actually one of the gimmicks someone used to keep insects from triggering 'motion’. He blocked out squares all over the picture field so that a very small object could not affect enough of the picture at one time to trigger recording, but a LARGE object, such as a person, would block out enough of the picture to do so. (I never tried that step. I installed separate infrared lights so that insects were not drawn to my camera LEDs.)



    No you've somewhat missed my point. (Maybe because it works as I'm describing on your camera models?)

    I am blocking out the vast majority of the area (motion zoning) but my request is basically wanting to only have email notifications and video recording triggered when motion is detected within those zones.

    Oddly having just re-tested the video capture it now seems to be working! So that leaves just the email notifications.



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