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    Getting lots of dropouts on live viewing through the MacOS app or through the web interface on the latest firmware. Black screen with spinning wheel trying to reload live view. Have tried contacting Reolink Support for a copy of the previous version firmware, which seemed to work fine, however the person answering my emails is giving me the runaround. At first they asked which version of the firmware I wanted, then replied to me that no Reolink cameras can be rolled back to the previous version, which is complete BS, as you can read on these forums many people rolling back to previous versions when they have an issue. It takes nearly a full day to receive a reply from support. So far have wasted 2 days going back & forth in email with this person, and they refuse to send me the firmware. This is going to HIGHLY discourage me from adding any further Reolink cameras to my system. Such poor support.



    Hi, sorry to hear the bad experience on the support. They need to confirm the issue first before providing you the old firmware and it may not solve the issue. May I know did you solve the issue now? If not, please contact us with this thread and we'd process it soon for you. Have a nice day!



    Yeah I wasn't going to have my cameras useless for days or weeks while they ”confirm the issue”.

    They already provided me with the previous firmware without this step.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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